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Red Deer Village 20 Year Anniversary Open Day

Red Deer Village, the retirement village in Stepps, Glasgow, is turning 20 this summer! To celebrate, we will be hosting a 20 year anniversary open day on Saturday, 29 June, 1pm-4pm. All residents, their friends and families are welcome to join us. We also invite visitors, local businesses, friends of the industry, staff, and anyone else who would be excited to share our birthday with us. All of our residential park homes for sale will be open for anyone looking to view while they are here. It’s the perfect opportunity to visit our retirement over 50s park in all of its’ glory!

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Park Home Search Helps Couple Find Their Dream Retirement Home

Park Home Search Helps Couple Find Their Dream Retirement Home

Park Home Search ended the year with a dream come true for one couple. Park Home Search is a free online service which connects buyers and sellers of residential park homes and lodges throughout the UK.  Park home and holiday lodge manufacturers, as well as park operators, can add their homes and available plots to the website as and when they become available.  Potential buyers also have the option to register their details. So if you are unable to find what you are looking for, your details will be passed on to the relevant operators and manufacturers. This way you will be informed of new park homes and holiday lodges in your preferred location as soon as they’re available.

Discussing Park Home Requirements

Mr and Mrs Johnson were searching for their dream retirement home on the Park Home Search website when they came across one home which was in their dream location but internally not quite what they had in mind, but were still keen to view the property. Park Home Search is based in Northamptonshire and this is where Mr and Mrs Johnson live, so they decided to head straight down to the offices to speak to someone in person.  They wanted to arrange a viewing of the home that they had seen and to check if there were any other homes that may fit their requirements.  They met with Dave Tranter, Business Development at Park Home Search, who sat down with them to find out exactly what they were looking for, in order to see how we could help.   During the discussion it was revealed that rather than having an en-suite in their new park home, they would prefer to have a study, or even a bedroom that they could turn into a study.  Dave did some research for Mr and Mrs Johnson as they were looking to buy their new park home as soon as possible. He contacted some park operators advertising on Park Home Search to discuss the exact needs of the buyers.

One of the park operators that Dave spoke to was The Royale Group.  Royale has 70 years’ experience within the industry and has park homes in residential parks located in some stunning areas across the country.  Royale had some properties that were potentially suitable, so they contacted the customers direct to arrange a viewing.   Mr and Mrs Johnson were delighted, so decided to book a hotel and stay in the area for a few nights.  This is a good idea when you are buying a new park home, so that you can really get a feel for the area.

The park home in question was an Omar Middleton, and Mr and Mrs Johnson absolutely fell in love with the home and the area, finding their dream home in Devon. They have now purchased the new home and are moving in this month.

We are delighted that Park Home Search was able to help these customers to find their dream home in which to enjoy their retirement, and we look forward to hearing more stories like this in the future.

Explore our website to find park homes for sale or register your details to find a park or leisure home.

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Tingdene Homes Ltd – A New Visitor Centre for 2019

Tingdene Homes Ltd – A New Visitor Centre for 2019

With the year drawing to an end, we are beginning to start work on a very exciting 2019. Our team has spent the last few months developing designs for a new range of park homes and holiday lodges. To adequately showcase the innovative and ground breaking new ranges, the decision has been taken to renovate the Tingdene Visitor Centre.

The centre, launched in 1984, is the only indoor park home and holiday lodge showroom in the UK. Few big changes have been made since it opened its doors over 30 years ago making this a very exciting time in Tingdene’s development.

Works on the Visitor Centre will begin on Monday 3rd December making this the perfect opportunity to view the current range of homes on display before they are sited in various locations around the UK. The Kensington, Country Lodge, Mackworth, Regency Classic, Hayden Classic, Savannah and Barnwell are all open to the public until then. Following the 3rd December the Centre will continue to be open with 4 homes being available for viewing outside of the main exhibition.

We will continue to invite all of our customers to the Centre during the renovation works and the sales team will be available to provide information and help during normal opening hours which are listed below.

We appreciate your patience during this transitional period and look forward to inviting you all to the new park home and holiday launch event in February 2019.

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm

Friday – Saturday 9am – 4pm

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Residential Park Home Insurance Services | Insure your park home

Residential Park Home Insurance Services | Insure your park home

Park Home Insurance Overview

Park Home Assist Insurance Services (Part Of Assist Insurance Services Ltd) are Authorised and Regulated by the FCA and Financial Conduct Authority and are one of the UK’s leading providers of Park Home Insurance. As one of the fasting growing of providers of Park Home Insurance we provide modern up-to-date policies specifically designed for Park Home Owners, yet pride ourselves on our old fashioned and traditional values where customer service and personal service comes first.

This brand new policy has been designed by us to reflect the changing needs of Park Home Residents, and you have the added peace of mind that our policy is underwritten by certain underwriters at Lloyd’s.

The brand new policy provides a combination of excellent comprehensive cover with some unique additional benefits, coupled with very competitive premiums and generous discounts. With the numerous optional additional cover, means that every policy is personalised to each policyholders personal circumstances, and therefore you only need to pay for what you need, ensuring that that the premium you pay reflects the cover you enjoy.

Park Home Insurance Details

At Park Home Assist Insurance Services, all our insurance advisers are well trained in Park Home Insurance, and all of them pride themselves in both the professional yet personalised service our policyholders receive, which is why many of our policyholders are only too pleased to recommend us to friends and neighbours.

Our years of experience of providing Park Home Insurance to the thousands of policyholders we provide cover for, and speak to every day means that although we understand the Park Home Sector, we always know there is room for improvements and change, and that is why this brand new policy reflects the changes within the Park Home community to provide even more peace of mind to park home residents.

Using our fast and efficient park home quotation request system, with easy to answer questions, our team will provide you with a personalised quotations against a range of perils such as Flood; Fire; Theft; Storm; Vandalism as well as Optional Accidental Damage or Loss.

If you suffer a total loss, new for old cover which comes standard for both our buildings and contents within our fully comprehensive park home insurance policy.

Park Home Insurance Benefits

  • Comprehensive Park Home Buildings Cover Up To £500,000 Standards Sum Insured;
  • Site Clearance, Transportation and Re-siting Of Replacement Home Included As Standard;
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover For Buildings;
  • Comprehensive Park Home Contents Cover Up To £60,000 Standard Sum Insured;
  • Optional Accidental Damage Cover For Contents Cover;
  • Optional Valuables & Personal Possessions Cover Away From The Home;
  • Optional Pedal Cycle Cover;
  • Optional Mobility Scooter Cover;
  • £5million Public Liability Cover As Standard;
  • Freezer Contents Cover Included As Standard;
  • Optional Money & Credit Card Cover;
  • Optional £50,000 Legal Protection Cover (Including cover for park operator disputes)
  • 12 Months Instalment Facility (At small additional charge);
  • No Additional Charge For Payment by Credit or Debit Cards;

Park Home Insurance Discounts

  • Up To 20% No Claims Discount Available;
  • Over 50’s 10% Age Discount;
  • Up To 20% Selected Parks Discount;

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Park Home & Leisure Home Estate Agents

Park Home & Leisure Home Estate Agents

Many people selling their park home or leisure home are unaware that they can utilise the services of more than 1 estate agent to sell their property. However, this depends on the type of contract they have with their Estate Agent. Proceed with caution. As with all contracts, read thoroughly and seek clarification on anything that is confusing before you put pen to paper.

There are 5 different types of contract you could sign with an estate agent;

Sole selling

The estate agent retains the right to charge commission for the sale of the property even if you find a buyer independently without the assistance of the agent.

Sole agency

The estate agent is still the only agency with the selling rights. However, there is no commission to pay to the agent if you find a buyer yourself.

Multiple agency

You can take on a number of estate agents to market your property but you only have to pay a fee to the 1 agent that actually sells it. This contract usually specifies a higher commission rate.

Joint sole agency

You appoint 2 or more agencies to work together to sell your property and they split the fee equally between themselves, irrespective of who is responsible for the sale.

Ready, willing & able

It is recommended to stay away from this type of contract. If the estate agent finds you a buyer and you pull out of the sale, you will still be required to pay them.

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Prepare Your Park Home for Viewings

Prepare Your Park Home for Viewings

First impressions, count and you never get a second chance in creating a first impression. Don’t forget, the first viewing are the pictures of your home on the Park Home Search Website, so make sure you create the first impression you wanted to achieve. This includes the exterior of the property as well as the immediate entrance of the house. If even the most basic jobs are left wanting, potential buyers may develop larger maintenance concerns.

Cast your mind back when you purchased the home yourself, it probably was a new show home, and you visualised your effects in the home, and there were no personal effects in the home when you viewed the home.


  • This is the time to do all those little odd jobs that you have been putting off;
  • Get a number of boxes and clear away all the ‘nic nacs’ from all the mantel pieces and shelves and replace with just a few pictures and flowers of course we don’t want this for long, but people who purchase park homes are concerned with space and storage, so don’t make it look like your home lacks space and storage. Ideally you want to get the buyer to imagine how nice their things would look in the property.
  • Paint the skirting boards.
  • Shampoo the carpets.
  • Stick that peeling wallpaper back up.
  • Hang up a mirror in your entrance hall to create the illusion of depth and space.
  • You’ve cleaned the windows on the outside. Don’t forget to do the same on the inside.
  • If your garden is immaculate and beautiful then leave open the curtains in the rooms looking out over it to show-off the great view.
  • Spring clean the entire house. Get into every nook and cranny.
  • Don’t rely on your personal taste, just because you like pink walls with green carpets doesn’t mean the person who views your home will. Think neutral which is why Property Developers love magnolia paint, it works with everything!


  • If you have a garden, give it a comprehensive face-lift.
  • Do not park your car on the driveway, if you have one. Your aim is to remove any potential obstacles between the property and the buyer. Clean the driveway and make it presentable.
  • If your gate has come off its hinges and is being held up by string, replace it.
  • Give your front door a fresh lick of paint, or if it is double-glazed, a thorough cleaning.
  • While you’re at it, clean your windows.
  • Get on those rubber gloves and clean out the gutters and drains.


  • Have a copy of your occupational agreement available for the client to view whether being a Mobile Homes Act or Leisure Occupational Agreement;
  • Does your home still have the Platinum Seal or Gold Shield Warranty Available, if so have that available to be viewed as well;
  • Have you had regular maintenance carried out on the home, colour washes, roof inspections etc, if so prove that this work has been carried out.
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Be Realistic about your new Park / Mobile / Leisure Home

Be Realistic about your new Park / Mobile / Leisure Home

Moving home is believed to be the second most stressful thing someone can do in their life (second to only experiencing bereavement). You must be realistic in not only what you can afford to spend, but also how much do you need to retain from the proceeds from your house sale, to pay for those unforeseen eventuality.

Purchasing a Park Home is less complex in purchasing a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ property, with allot less red tape, no legal costs, no stamp duty etc, however at the same time it is different to purchasing a traditional property.

Should you Opt For a Mortgage To Purchase a Park Home?

Although it is not possible to obtain a mortgage to purchase a park home, it is possible to obtain ‘mortgage style’ finance products from specialist lenders like Park Home Assist. Although you may have the necessary funds from your house sale to purchase your park home and be ‘mortgage free’ you should consider still obtaining some form of funds to purchase your park home. Why?

You must ensure that if you are utilising your own funds to purchase your park home outright, that you have sufficient funds also put aside for the unexpected eventuality such as paying to replace your car, that dream cruise you’ve been promising yourself, paying for private medical treatment, or paying your outgoings in the event of losing your job, this is because it is not possible to release equity or re-mortgage/refinance a park home after you have moved in, like you can when purchasing a traditional ‘bricks and mortar’ property. Once you have locked your funds into your park home, the only way of releasing them is selling your home.

Don’t just consider how much you are willing to spend on your park home, also consider how much you should put to one side for that unforeseen eventuality, and how long that should last you and what would happen if you underestimate the amount you will need? Also consider that if you had just a little more to spend, what that mean you can have the home of your dreams, on the park of your dreams, with the spectacular views of your dreams, if so then find out just how little that little extra amount would cost you.

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Viewing a Property | View Mobile Park Homes

Viewing a Property | View Mobile Park Homes

  • Don’t go alone. Apart from the potential security risks, it is always worthwhile having a level headed person with you to bounce comments and opinions off.
  • Go during specific times to get an idea of the area. For example, a 3 o’clock weekday viewing will give you an idea of traffic at the end of the school day.
  • Also arrange a viewing for the evening.
  • Walk around the park and speak to other residents.
  • Find the balance between objectivity and subjectivity. Take note of deficiencies but also highlight the positives. Don’t disregard a whole property because of a small problem that could be easily fixed. Contrarily, don’t become fixated on a single property just because you love the garden.
  • If the seller doesn’t mind, take pictures and make notes.
  • Picture yourself living in the house. How does it make you feel?
  • Check the views from all the rooms.
  • Are you satisfied with the storage space?
  • Make sure all the security features are in good working order (i.e. locks on doors and windows).
  • Ask the sellers why they are moving. This could give you an idea of any potential problems with the structure or the surrounding area. Also find out how long they have lived there, the longer they have lived there the happier the residents are on the park.
  • Enquire as to what is included in the sale as most park homes (when new) are sold fully or partly furnished.
  • Examine the boiler carefully. Ask when it was last professionally serviced, and if there are any problems with it.
  • Ask questions about average utility bills, council tax, neighbours, the area, traffic, etc. No question is too small or insignificant so don’t be put off.
  • Does the home still have the manufacturers Structural Warranty available, these would be called either Platinum Seal or Gold Shield.
  • Don’t see too many properties in quick succession. Take time between viewings to think and reflect on the property.
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How to Search for your new Park Home

How to Search for your new Park Home

  • Know your requirements
  • Ask yourself exactly what you are looking for in a property. Do you require a specific number of bedrooms? A garden? Residential or Leisure Park?
  • Consider the budget you are looking to spend, and consider also you may make an offer on a home which is slightly outside your budget.
  • Decide what you would like, what you would prefer, and what you absolutely cannot do without.
  • Don’t forget to take account of amenities such as distance to shops, major town/city centres, schools, and location and area.
  • Even if you are looking for a quiet country sanctuary surrounded by rolling hills and dales, it is crucial that you consider the distance to the nearest hospital and the time it would take to get there.
  • It is important you ‘register’ with Park Home Search as we will then send you details of homes as soon as they are listed which fit your requirements.
  • We will also display a brief profile (excluding your name, contact details and personal details) so potential sellers can see that we have clients looking in their area.
  • We do not display addresses and contact details of homes and sellers for their own security and safety, and we will ensure that you are in a position to proceed before arranging a viewing, i.e. we would expect that your home is on the market before putting a client through the process of arranging a viewing.
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Showing & Selling Your Park Home & Leisure Home

Showing & Selling Your Park Home & Leisure Home

Just take a minute to think about what it actually means when a potential buyer is taking the step of coming round to view your park home or leisure home. The reality is that they have bought your home once. They liked the description, they liked the pictures, they liked the location, now they want to make sure that it is what they thought it is. It is a sign of enthusiasm and a real sign of interest.

Now, based on how you present the property, the viewer will either have his enthusiasm justified, or proven wildly misplaced. Basically it is in your hands, so make sure that you have done absolutely everything you can possibly do to reel in the viewer.

Here are some tried and tested recommendations from Park Home Search for when you are showing a viewer around your house;

  • Make sure the personal ‘nic nacs’ have not returned.
  • Is everything put away, or does it look like you lack storage space.
  • Have the heating on but make sure it is not too hot. Keep it warm and welcoming.
  • You can make the house smell attractive, homely and inviting by baking fresh bread or grounding coffee beans. Having fresh flowers in each room is also effective.
  • With small rooms open the door and let the viewer walk in first. With large rooms, enter yourself first and then lead the viewer in.
  • Make sure you start the viewing in the best room, and that you end in the second best room, don’t leave the last impression of your home be the disappointing room.
  • Remove the things that you definitely do not want to include as part of the sale. You can almost guarantee that the chandelier you love, and are planning on taking with you to your new home, will become a bone of contention during negotiations with a viewer who has also fallen in love with it.
  • If you have any pets keep them out of the way during the viewing as they can often act as a distraction and hindrance.
  • Make sure that all the rubbish and trash has been taken out.
  • Arrange for a neighbour to be around to let them say what living on your park is like, your viewer will take great comfort of this from someone who is likely to still be there if they purchase your home.

Tips for safety & security

  • NEVER invite a viewer into your house who does not have an appointment.
  • Have a friend, partner or neighbour with you when showing a viewer around.
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around.