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Showing & Selling Your Park Home & Leisure Home

Showing & Selling Your Park Home & Leisure Home

Just take a minute to think about what it actually means when a potential buyer is taking the step of coming round to view your park home or leisure home. The reality is that they have bought your home once. They liked the description, they liked the pictures, they liked the location, now they want to make sure that it is what they thought it is. It is a sign of enthusiasm and a real sign of interest.

Now, based on how you present the property, the viewer will either have his enthusiasm justified, or proven wildly misplaced. Basically it is in your hands, so make sure that you have done absolutely everything you can possibly do to reel in the viewer.

Here are some tried and tested recommendations from Park Home Search for when you are showing a viewer around your house;

  • Make sure the personal ‘nic nacs’ have not returned.
  • Is everything put away, or does it look like you lack storage space.
  • Have the heating on but make sure it is not too hot. Keep it warm and welcoming.
  • You can make the house smell attractive, homely and inviting by baking fresh bread or grounding coffee beans. Having fresh flowers in each room is also effective.
  • With small rooms open the door and let the viewer walk in first. With large rooms, enter yourself first and then lead the viewer in.
  • Make sure you start the viewing in the best room, and that you end in the second best room, don’t leave the last impression of your home be the disappointing room.
  • Remove the things that you definitely do not want to include as part of the sale. You can almost guarantee that the chandelier you love, and are planning on taking with you to your new home, will become a bone of contention during negotiations with a viewer who has also fallen in love with it.
  • If you have any pets keep them out of the way during the viewing as they can often act as a distraction and hindrance.
  • Make sure that all the rubbish and trash has been taken out.
  • Arrange for a neighbour to be around to let them say what living on your park is like, your viewer will take great comfort of this from someone who is likely to still be there if they purchase your home.

Tips for safety & security

  • NEVER invite a viewer into your house who does not have an appointment.
  • Have a friend, partner or neighbour with you when showing a viewer around.
  • Don’t leave valuables lying around.