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Viewing a Property | View Mobile Park Homes

  • Don’t go alone. Apart from the potential security risks, it is always worthwhile having a level headed person with you to bounce comments and opinions off.
  • Go during specific times to get an idea of the area. For example, a 3 o’clock weekday viewing will give you an idea of traffic at the end of the school day.
  • Also arrange a viewing for the evening.
  • Walk around the park and speak to other residents.
  • Find the balance between objectivity and subjectivity. Take note of deficiencies but also highlight the positives. Don’t disregard a whole property because of a small problem that could be easily fixed. Contrarily, don’t become fixated on a single property just because you love the garden.
  • If the seller doesn’t mind, take pictures and make notes.
  • Picture yourself living in the house. How does it make you feel?
  • Check the views from all the rooms.
  • Are you satisfied with the storage space?
  • Make sure all the security features are in good working order (i.e. locks on doors and windows).
  • Ask the sellers why they are moving. This could give you an idea of any potential problems with the structure or the surrounding area.  Also find out how long they have lived there, the longer they have lived there the happier the residents are on the park.
  • Enquire as to what is included in the sale as most park homes (when new) are sold fully or partly furnished.
  • Examine the boiler carefully. Ask when it was last professionally serviced, and if there are any problems with it.
  • Ask questions about average utility bills, council tax, neighbours, the area, traffic, etc. No question is too small or insignificant so don’t be put off.
  • Does the home still have the manufacturers Structural Warranty available, these would be called either Platinum Seal or Gold Shield.
  • Don’t see too many properties in quick succession. Take time between viewings to think and reflect on the property.