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Park Home Sellers FAQ's PDF Print E-mail

Why should i use Park Home Search rather than a traditional local estate agent?
There is no reason why you shouldn’t use both, however we don’t charge a commission and unlike local estate agents, we only sell park homes, we have insurance products, and finance products to make this an easy process for purchasers, products which are not available to traditional estate agents.

Who decides the value of my property?
Ultimately, the price is decided by YOU, the seller. However, it would be foolish to pull this figure out of thin air without taking into consideration the value of neighbouring properties.

What is the easiest way to find out the value of properties in my area?
There are a number of websites that keep such records. Most of them are free to use, though they often require signing up. You can also invite some local estate agents round to provide you some valuations, they don’t normally charge for this service, as long as they believe they may be appointed to sell your home.

Can I go through more than 1 estate agent?
Yes you can, but only if you sign the appropriate contract. Because Park Home Search operates on a commission free basis, you don't have any contracts to sign with us.

Is it absolutely necessary that I compile a Home Information Pack for my property?
You do not currently need a HIP for a Park or Leisure Home.

Should I spend more time making improvements to the exterior of the house or the inside?
Both. Make the exterior impressive and beautiful, and the interior warm and inviting and de-personalise your home.

Should I stick rigidly to my asking price?
This is probably not a good idea. Haggling is something that is expected during a property sale, both the buyer and the seller need to feel that they have achieved a deal/bargain. Stick to your asking price and you could lose yourself a buyer. However, if you're too flexible you could lose thousands of pounds. Find the balance between the 2 extremes.

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